The 7 worst things you can do in an interview.

There is a lot of advice on the internet which says what you should be doing at an interview, but what about what not to do? Just like in a driving test, you can do everything right, but get one “major” and you’re in the fail category. It hardly seems fair, but with an increasing number of applicants per job, employers are only looking for the cream of the crop. So, in order to steer you clear of making these major mistakes, we’ve compiled a list of the seven worst interview habits.

1) Being too friendly Watch your language and keep all interactions formal, even if the interviewer seems to be on a more friendly level. That means no high-fives, no “Cool, man”, and definitely no hugging. That would just be weird and you’ll leave the interviewer looking something like this:


2) Bad hygiene or presentation For the love of God, please wash before an interview. This includes face, feet, armpits and, of course, clothing. You’ve gotta fake it to make it so even if you’ve been sleeping on a friends sofa and eating cold baked beans for a month, remember to keep your look clean, crisp, and smelling fresh otherwise…


3) Ordering an alcoholic beverage In fact being drunk or otherwise intoxicated at all is a massive no-no. However, don’t get caught out by ordering an alcoholic beverage if you find yourself on one of these new-age “lunch interviews”. Trust us, this happens!


4) Lack of knowledge Research, research, research. It’s key. When the employer asks you – as they inevitably will – “Do you know much about the company”, the answer is “Yes, I know who works here, I know what you do, I know what everyone else does, I know why, when and how the company started, and I know the name of your pet goldfish, Bertie”. Say “No”, and you’ll be saying “Goodbye” to the job.



5) Lying Don’t lie on your CV. Ever. Not even a little bit. You will get caught out and you will not only feel shame and embarrassment, but it will also cost you the job.


6) Being late This is an obvious one, but one that needs to be addressed nonetheless. Being late = tardiness. Tardiness = laziness. Laziness = bad employee. Get it? The-Notebook-Now-Its-Too-Late-GIF2

7) Being too interested in the benefits and not the job Again, this is an obvious one, but things like wage and company benefits shouldn’t be top priority when you’re in your interview. Instead of asking these questions, find out about the company culture, or turn the “What do you see yourself doing in five years” question back on the company. This will make you far more appealing than all those fools wondering how much time AWAY from work they get.


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