How Evolving with Technology Can Secure your Career

Old dogs and new puppies are learning new tricks, new codes and new formats to navigate their lives. It can seem as though a new gadget, app, or programming format rises every hour, and babies (literally, babies) are handling iPads better than you. Kids, teens, tweens and twadults (is that a thing yet?) are becoming more equipped with apps, online platforms, messaging services and html coding, and it’s not all about ‘selfies’ and Tinder. Being hailed as the ‘fourth literacy‘ after reading, writing and maths, the Digital Age is fast advancing and transforming the lives of everybody. So how do you keep up and stay ahead, and how can digital skills improve your career?

Technology is worldwide and pushes globalisation to new heights. As it gets bigger the world gets smaller, allowing you to interact with people in the furthest corners of the world. This aspect of digital media is invaluable to anybody looking to work outside of their region.

In the realm of job and internship applications, setting yourself apart from the pool of candidates is all the more important, given that more than 2 million people over 16 are unemployed but seeking work. Video CVs (we will have an upcoming post on this, stay tuned) are a brilliant way to stand out and demonstrate your modern approach to whatever career you embark on to potential employers, as are varied mediums of publishing your work. For example, online portfolios and infographics are exciting ways to display and sell your professional self.

Technology and computer programming are also benefiting businesses and their software with APIs, SOA and Clouds. Great…so what actually are they?

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has its foundation based in the design of a service that performs a business-related function which can be easily replicated for different platforms or products, and the APIs, application programming interfaces, are concerned with how software components  perform and interact with each other. Clouds, aside from disturbing the unreliable British summer, provide computing systems with an ability to share information to computers, devices and networks with ease.

How else can you use digital mediums to professionally advance yourself? Many apps allow you to produce and share your content in newer, more efficient and creative ways. Instagram and Snapchat are great ways to share your work with a social network, as is Postagram, a sharing app that lets you transform photographs into high-resolution glossy postcards to send worldwide, something you could explore in regards to advertising.

Digital transformations are not something to fear or dread, but rather an aspect of modern life to embrace and advance with. Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation is an advocate for using digital means to improve the rate of youth employment in this video on building inclusive economies, by the World Economic Forum.

Regardless of whether or not you have the qualifications, don’t discount any skills you have as computer literacy, digital skills and a mind open to new technology are always in demand.

The future of technology may bring more intricate software to the masses, universal technology sign-language or just more filters for your Instagram photos, but rather than worrying about robots stealing your job, consider investing some time in learning more about digital convergence. And for those who have the skills, browse Intern Avenue’s technology internships for the opportunity to show your talent off and get paid for it.

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