Sourcing Fresh Talent for your Start-up Business

Tight deadlines, new tasks streaming in on all fronts and limited resources to work with…nobody said start-ups were easy. Needing more full-time workers to tackle and advance the company can be an imperative pushing against your tight budget, but there are ways to find talented candidates without breaking the bank.

Ah yes, interns. It seems only obvious that we would recommend interns for your business, but that’s because they really are a brilliant and clever way to expand and improve your enterprise.

Students taking a placement year in a sandwich course have access to equipment and digital resources at their universities which you otherwise may not be able to afford. Recruiting them comes with the advantage of high-quality work which they are thrilled and motivated to produce for you, given that some may be also assessed by their university for their placement performance. Start-up ‘guru’, Wendy Campanella, is an advocate for hiring interns in a start-up for these reasons exactly.

Graduate, post-graduate and non-university goers are also a spectacular addition to your growing business. Keep open minded and broad on age range and experience – fresh doesn’t have to mean ‘young’ or ‘just out of academia’. Last year, statistics showed that 47% of graduates were still performing in non-graduate jobs, owing more to a lack of opportunity and paid career-focused employment rather than a lack of skills on the graduates’ part.

So how can you attract the right candidates with your vacancy? Your job and company description are your personal advert to ensure fitting job-seekers are drawn to you. Keep your descriptions concise; waffling on drives away candidates, and be sure to express the potential of their role and of the company. You may be after hiring ‘cool’ people but try to maintain professionalism in your vacancy descriptions – a little humour wouldn’t go amiss but it’s advisable to refrain from using ‘hip’ words in your candidate requirements. ‘Savvy’ is good, ‘funky’ is not. Describing your team as a ‘squad of PR superheroes’ or your ideal candidates as ‘rock stars’ will only attract applicants who wear Lycra and capes unironically or have all of their stationery emblazoned with ‘Keep Calm And…(insert British cliche)’ graphics.

Browse the profiles of these great start-up companies providing internships on Intern Avenue to see how they sell themselves. Our team of experts, upon request, can comb through the written pitches of companies posting openings on our page to spruce up, refine and make vacancies enticing for our vast database of high-quality interns. Using Intern Avenue can be a great help, particularly if you don’t have the time or money to go through the lengthy and expensive recruitment process.


Sourcing talent for your start-up through the recruitment of interns not only benefits the economy, but works towards pushing your business to the top as words spreads of your potential and range of opportunities.

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