Intern Punctuality Hacks – Top 10 Tips for the Habitually Late

Late to depart, late to arrive, late to meeting deadlines…does any of this sound like you? It happens to the best of us, but if you want to decrease the risk of giving yourself a heart attack from last-minute sprints and all-nighters, or jeopardising your chances of a permanent job offer at your new internship by turning up late (view our employer interview to hear what they expect from interns), here are a few punctuality tips to make sure you start following the right clock.

1) Accept fear into your heart – There’s nothing like a good dose of worry to steer you away from the coffee shop queue when you should be arriving at work. Don’t ruin your reputation – be reliable. Dramatic thoughts about your career hanging in the balance, which it will be if you keep being late, should give you the kick you need. You’d be surprised how much faster you move…

2) Beauty sleep, counting sheep, 40 winks and good time you’ll keep – Have you had enough sleep?

Studies show that you need to pass through each of the four sleep cycles to be able to wake up feeling rested. Aside from the numerous health implications, a lack of sleep can make you forgetful, and in turn make you tardy. Eat well, exercise, sleep earlier and you’ll be jumping right out of bed (this is not a guarantee. Beds are, by nature, incredibly comfortable).

3) Reassess how happy you are with where you’re going – are you dreading where you have to be? Your happiness and satisfaction will directly impact how prone you are to being late depending on how much you want to and enjoy being there…

4) (depending on your answer to the previous question) Find the place you want to be and enjoy being at – it sounds like it is easier said than done, but sampling a new position just got ten times easier with Internships, and it won’t be unpaid if you go through Intern Avenue. You may not think you have the qualifications for positions in different sectors, but you would be surprised at just how many things you could do with your qualifications. Look out for an upcoming post on what different career routes you can take with various degrees.

5) Don’t make odd decisions at bad times – Prioritise your activities and keep them down to a minimum when you have previous commitments to attend to. Painting your nails 5 minutes before you have to leave or rearranging every piece of furniture to a point where you can’t get out of the front door will only make your life more stressful and make you more late.

6) Be considerate – If a good night’s sleep and fear don’t get you places on time then try to think about how you’re impacting other people’s lives with your tardiness. We can all be guilty of forgetting to think of others, but courtesy is one of the best habits to have.

7) Give yourself extra time – Whether you set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual or just plain lie to yourself about what time you need to arrive somewhere, give yourself a little more breathing room to get yourself together and comfortably make a journey. Be prepared for transport delays, bad weather and pianos falling from the sky – you never know what could halt your schedule and make you late.

8) Put your alarm on the other side of your room – Forcing your body to move across your room to switch off your alarm is an effective way to avoid the dreaded accidental nap after your alarm has been switched off.

9) Prepare what you need the night before – Give yourself one or five less things to do before you have to leave by preparing your bag, outfit and anything else on your to-do list the night before.

10) The Mcdonald’s breakfast menu is not a priority – only a bonus if you’re ahead of time. Maybe you’re always late because you’re busy queuing to get an egg mcmuffin. or you’re busy cleaning your shirt after you got egg mcmuffin all over it. The exception to this is for the person who gets to the office having bought everybody else delicious breakfast food – we salute you, and you can be as late as you want (not really).

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