Intern Success – Butterfly Twists Interview


Butterfly Twists is a ballerina and boot retail company which found success through creating beautiful, comfortable and fold-able shoes as well as accessories for women. The birth of the brand stems from an incident in which one of the founders (who prefers to remain anonymous) discovered the pain of female fashion after attending a party wearing 6 inch stilettos as a result of losing a bet! Thus, the foundations of Butterfly Twists were built – comfort and style.

After launching in 2009 the four men behind the brand, Emmanuel Eribo, Frank Eribo, Mark Quaradeghini and Philippe Homsy, achieved feats of generating over 50,000 shoe orders in 4 days, being recognized by the United Kingdom Fashion Textile Awards and winning the Best New Exporter trophy.

Major global investments later, Butterfly Twists has now gone on to become an international seller in over 30 countries and has been featured in the pages of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour and Vogue, among many others.

After finding and hiring their very own intern through Intern Avenue, we spoke with co-founder Philippe Homsy to find out just how beneficial hiring a paid intern can be…

IA: What internship did you hire for through Intern Avenue?

PH: It was a Social media, marketing and PR paid internship

butterfly vacancy

The internship vacancy that was originally posted (This opportunity is now closed and cannot be applied for)

IA: What were the roles and expectations of the internship?

PH: The intern’s duties were to handle customer service, work on different marketing activities and build a social media presence all around.

IA: Who did you hire and why?

PH: We hired Rebecca Cole; her profile displayed good work experience and she had great enthusiasm and excitement for the role.

IA: What are the benefits of hiring interns?

PH: Interns bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to a role. They can really help out a business when the team is growing and needs support.

IA: How was your experience with Intern Avenue?

PH: Intern Avenue has a lot of good candidates. There was a really great scope of interns.

IA: What is the importance of paying interns?

PH: It’s very important to pay your interns, because you get what you pay for. You must treat them fairly and they will work hard. Not paying an intern is not the right way to treat an individual.

IA: Will you keep taking on interns?

PH: Yes we will continue to hire interns at Butterfly Twists.

IA: What advice do you have for intern-seekers?

PH: To stand out, my advice is to show your enthusiasm and relevant experience for a role. It’s important to be passionate about your sector so you should show your passion and excitement.

IA: What advice do you have for employers looking to take on interns?

PH: Make sure you hire relevant people. For example, a social media candidate would need to have a good social media presence established on different platforms. You also cannot expect a good hire if the individual is not passionate within and about their sector.

IA: Would you recommend using Intern Avenue to find an intern?

PH: Sure!

For more information on how Butterfly Twists began, watch their video and visit their website:


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