The Top 6 Interns Every Retail Company Needs

Retail is one of the most diverse industries, and the opportunities for intern recruitment are endless. The pool of applicants can be picked from non-university goers with experience to PR, science, design and technology students, amongst many others. The last thing you want, however, is a sea of interns in an overcrowded department. Investing in and knowing where to put interns can bring major returns for your company, increasing productivity and also giving you an excellent selection of potential hires. A perfect example of this is Butterfly Twists – hear from one of the co-founders of the retail brand just how beneficial hiring an intern can be, in our exclusive interview here.

So what could you hire an intern for?

1) Marketing and Public Relations

With the multitude of PR degrees available, hiring Marketing and Public Relations interns and graduates is a no-brainer. They may not have a wealth of experience but their curricular projects mimic many real industry ones. Their expertise in promotion, customer interaction,  and social media is sure to provide your business with a fresh perspective of the latest online platforms and a helping hand for those press releases, photo shoot preparations and consumer market research presentations. Just having them on-board is sure to smooth over the process. View the Social Media, Marketing and PR intern vacancies on Intern Avenue from retail companies Salveo and Hi-Spirits.

2) Design

Given that design is an incredibly self-motivated discipline, designers can perform brilliantly as interns and assistants to your in-house designers. You’ll be sure to see them shine in this department even as they cover admin duties of fabric sourcing and sampling, if they have the opportunity to advance in their profession.

3) Buying and Merchandising

A Buying intern can aid the team with tackling administrative duties and carrying out tasks from product development to warehouse delivery. Monitoring market, competitor and customer activity will also benefit the company and the advancement of the intern. A mathematics, finance or business graduate can shine in a merchandising role as they analyse trends, sales and stock information. Grasping and managing the process of delivering stock will also be invaluable to all parties involved.

4) Information Technology

In this digital age, your technology, web developing and computing staff are more essential than ever. Student and graduates in this field are in big demand so having interns to train, who could become permanent staff, is a priority.

5) Technical and Production

Candidates of multiple disciplines such as Chemistry, Textile Technology, Computing, Mathematics, Engineering and many more are rife. They can be used to your advantage and theirs in a technical and production role, ensuring that the products you supply are legally or technically sound and meet the buyer’s requirements. Find interns from such specialized fields quickly and easily using

6) Human Resources

Recruit an intern to help you recruit! Whether they work in personnel, employee relations or training and development, a HR intern can be an unexpectedly great addition to fire new ideas about how your company recruits, pushing further with equality and diversity, organising payroll and maintaining a healthy office atmosphere.

There are still many more ways that hiring an intern can improve your retail company, or any company for that matter. To ensure that you have the pick of the best candidates, join Intern Avenue and speak to a member of our team for expert intern-recruitment advice.


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