The Top 6 Interns Every Retail Company Needs

Retail is one of the most diverse industries, and the opportunities for intern recruitment are endless. The pool of applicants can be picked from non-university goers with experience to PR, science, design and technology students, amongst many others. The last thing you want, however, is a sea of interns in an overcrowded department. Investing in and knowing where to put interns can bring major returns for your company, increasing productivity and also giving you an excellent selection of potential hires. A perfect example of this is Butterfly Twists – hear from one of the co-founders of the retail brand just how beneficial hiring an intern can be, in our exclusive interview here.

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How Finance Interns Benefit Your Business

Whether you operate in the corporate, public, investment or accounting sectors of the finance industry, there will always be eager and willing workers looking to be a part of your company. The biggest finance companies have found continued success with hiring interns, with this list of Forbes top 10 financial internships showing that the top organisations regularly hire between tens and hundreds of interns annually, and this Financial Times article which claims that Internships are “the key to a job in financial services”. According to the statistics from the National Association of Colleges and Employers Internship & Co-op Survey Report 2014, employers made full-time offers to 64.8 percent of their interns. If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few more reasons why recruiting a financial intern is worth your while: Continue reading

Intern Success – Butterfly Twists Interview


Butterfly Twists is a ballerina and boot retail company which found success through creating beautiful, comfortable and fold-able shoes as well as accessories for women. The birth of the brand stems from an incident in which one of the founders (who prefers to remain anonymous) discovered the pain of female fashion after attending a party wearing 6 inch stilettos as a result of losing a bet! Thus, the foundations of Butterfly Twists were built – comfort and style. Continue reading

Intern Punctuality Hacks – Top 10 Tips for the Habitually Late

Late to depart, late to arrive, late to meeting deadlines…does any of this sound like you? It happens to the best of us, but if you want to decrease the risk of giving yourself a heart attack from last-minute sprints and all-nighters, or jeopardising your chances of a permanent job offer at your new internship by turning up late (view our employer interview to hear what they expect from interns), here are a few punctuality tips to make sure you start following the right clock.

1) Accept fear into your heart – There’s nothing like a good dose of worry to steer you away from the coffee shop queue when you should be arriving at work. Don’t ruin your reputation – be reliable. Dramatic thoughts about your career hanging in the balance, which it will be if you keep being late, should give you the kick you need. You’d be surprised how much faster you move…

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How Marketing Interns Boost Business


Hiring a marketing professional into a permanent staff position can be daunting if you aren’t entirely sure what they could do for you, but having limited time in a busy schedule leaves you with few options…or so you would think.To solve your marketing needs, consider hiring a marketing intern!

A marketing intern can help you understand and monitor the customer, market and competitor landscape, telling you about the latest trends and patterns. On top of that, any intern is a valuable addition to the company given their enthusiasm, alternative perspectives and willingness to adapt and learn.
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Getting the Best out of Your Interns

Having hired an intern, you are already benefiting the economy, society, and the career prospects of the talented individual(s) you have taken on. Naturally, you always want to get the best out of your workers, and interns pose a tricky problem when it comes to figuring out how to do just that in a limited amount of time. Interns are a high value asset to any company, given their fresh business perspective and ambitious drive. How do you create the best work environment to ensure optimal production from your interns?

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Intern Success – Intern Avenue meets Network Locum

In the first of a series of exclusive Intern Avenue ‘success story’ videos, we joined forces with Network Locum, an online service dedicated to connecting GPs with locum opportunities. Find out how they located their interns, the importance of paid internships and some golden advice for intern-seekers on how to get noticed, ace your interview and perform well enough to be offered a job at the end of your work experience.

For more information on Network Locum, visit their website here. Stay tuned for more videos from Intern Avenue!

Top 15 Tips for Getting the Job after the Internship

Establishing yourself as a worthy employee while still in the try-before-you-buy stage can be confusing. Model yourself after the sealed high-quality cosmetic sample rather than the ruddy, mucky, make-up tester. No, that probably is not the best analogy but who wants to hear another test-drive car comparison? For a more comprehensive list on the top 15 tips to secure yourself a permanent job after completing an internship, read on…

  1. Continuously perform to the best of your abilities – this seems obvious but taking the time to ask yourself, ‘have I really tried my best?’ regularly keeps you in check and will undoubtedly prove to your peers how you would be committed to a permanent position. Give 100% at all times, but, contrary to popular statements in reality singing competitions, do not go 150% and over. Look after your mind and body or you will burn out. This is an internship, not The Hunger Games.  Continue reading

Sourcing Fresh Talent for your Start-up Business

Tight deadlines, new tasks streaming in on all fronts and limited resources to work with…nobody said start-ups were easy. Needing more full-time workers to tackle and advance the company can be an imperative pushing against your tight budget, but there are ways to find talented candidates without breaking the bank. Continue reading

How Evolving with Technology Can Secure your Career

Old dogs and new puppies are learning new tricks, new codes and new formats to navigate their lives. It can seem as though a new gadget, app, or programming format rises every hour, and babies (literally, babies) are handling iPads better than you. Kids, teens, tweens and twadults (is that a thing yet?) are becoming more equipped with apps, online platforms, messaging services and html coding, and it’s not all about ‘selfies’ and Tinder. Being hailed as the ‘fourth literacy‘ after reading, writing and maths, the Digital Age is fast advancing and transforming the lives of everybody. So how do you keep up and stay ahead, and how can digital skills improve your career? Continue reading