Intern Punctuality Hacks – Top 10 Tips for the Habitually Late

Late to depart, late to arrive, late to meeting deadlines…does any of this sound like you? It happens to the best of us, but if you want to decrease the risk of giving yourself a heart attack from last-minute sprints and all-nighters, or jeopardising your chances of a permanent job offer at your new internship by turning up late (view our employer interview to hear what they expect from interns), here are a few punctuality tips to make sure you start following the right clock.

1) Accept fear into your heart – There’s nothing like a good dose of worry to steer you away from the coffee shop queue when you should be arriving at work. Don’t ruin your reputation – be reliable. Dramatic thoughts about your career hanging in the balance, which it will be if you keep being late, should give you the kick you need. You’d be surprised how much faster you move…

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Top 15 Tips for Getting the Job after the Internship

Establishing yourself as a worthy employee while still in the try-before-you-buy stage can be confusing. Model yourself after the sealed high-quality cosmetic sample rather than the ruddy, mucky, make-up tester. No, that probably is not the best analogy but who wants to hear another test-drive car comparison? For a more comprehensive list on the top 15 tips to secure yourself a permanent job after completing an internship, read on…

  1. Continuously perform to the best of your abilities – this seems obvious but taking the time to ask yourself, ‘have I really tried my best?’ regularly keeps you in check and will undoubtedly prove to your peers how you would be committed to a permanent position. Give 100% at all times, but, contrary to popular statements in reality singing competitions, do not go 150% and over. Look after your mind and body or you will burn out. This is an internship, not The Hunger Games.  Continue reading

How Evolving with Technology Can Secure your Career

Old dogs and new puppies are learning new tricks, new codes and new formats to navigate their lives. It can seem as though a new gadget, app, or programming format rises every hour, and babies (literally, babies) are handling iPads better than you. Kids, teens, tweens and twadults (is that a thing yet?) are becoming more equipped with apps, online platforms, messaging services and html coding, and it’s not all about ‘selfies’ and Tinder. Being hailed as the ‘fourth literacy‘ after reading, writing and maths, the Digital Age is fast advancing and transforming the lives of everybody. So how do you keep up and stay ahead, and how can digital skills improve your career? Continue reading

‘Why won’t anybody respond?’ Intern concern

Days spent scouring job and internship boards, submitting countless applications and receiving little to no response from recruiters and employers, can drive the confidence out of the most optimistic people, especially those fresh out of academia

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4 Ways To Spot A Fake Job Advert

What have I done!?

A while ago it emerged that a fifth of job adverts on the government’s Universal Jobmatch site were either fakes, duplicates or scams. Outraged and concerned, we thought we would save you the future frustration and disappointment of applying for a fake job.

On average, millennial job seekers use around fifteen different sources to help them find a job. That is a lot of potential fake jobs to work through. At Intern Avenue, we do not have that problem because we personally vet every advert which is posted. But, for your future reference, here’s how you spot a fake job advert:

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Hire a Content Writing Intern!

You may or may not have heard about Google’s Panda,  Penguin or Hummingbird updates. For the uninitiated, those aren’t the names most searched for attractions at the zoo – they are updates that have progressively made the content you publish, the most important way for your online presence to be tracked and indexed by Google. Continue reading

How can YOU help change the future of work for young people?

Make-NEETs-History (1)According to Impetus PEF, the average young person who is out of work for over six months will suffer a wage scar of over £50k in their lifetime.

These and other scary facts are the galvanising force which have brought multiple groups of stakeholders together to think about the future of work for young people.   I am proud and delighted to be named as one of the groups commissioners.  It is an important group to be part of.

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How to write a personal statement that will get you noticed by employers.

origin_9253192330It can feel like the most overwhelming task when completing your job application, but your personal statement is an important tool for potential employers, and one that you should use wisely. Within it you must be able to explain who you are, what you know and what you have done, as well as why they should pick you.  Continue reading