Top 15 Tips for Getting the Job after the Internship

Establishing yourself as a worthy employee while still in the try-before-you-buy stage can be confusing. Model yourself after the sealed high-quality cosmetic sample rather than the ruddy, mucky, make-up tester. No, that probably is not the best analogy but who wants to hear another test-drive car comparison? For a more comprehensive list on the top 15 tips to secure yourself a permanent job after completing an internship, read on…

  1. Continuously perform to the best of your abilities – this seems obvious but taking the time to ask yourself, ‘have I really tried my best?’ regularly keeps you in check and will undoubtedly prove to your peers how you would be committed to a permanent position. Give 100% at all times, but, contrary to popular statements in reality singing competitions, do not go 150% and over. Look after your mind and body or you will burn out. This is an internship, not The Hunger Games.  Continue reading